Why I’m standing

I’m Jamie and I’m standing to be our Labour candidate to be the first elected Mayor of Croydon. I publicly supported moving to a Mayoral system and I’m standing to revive Croydon.

A fresh start for Labour – I have the experience of making change happen to be an effective Mayor and the optimism to revitalise our town’s future. As a local councillor, I challenged the old regime and always stood up for the people I represented.

Communities firstI want to ensure we live in a borough where the truth is told, where power is in the hands of the many, where we take action with our diverse community, for our community. 


New ideas to beat the Tories and #Revive #Croydon 

I’m ready to take on the Tory candidate – who clearly has no ideas for our future. As we recover from Covid-19 and the recent bankruptcy of the Council I have the ideas which can end business as usual and enable our town to achieve its potential. I will:

Take a new approach to regenerating the town centre and restoring prosperity. Westfield must take action or get out of the way. A redevelopment that works for our community by prioritising local, independent enterprises and ethical businesses and attractive green spaces with event locations accessible to all     

Create a council that listens with a permanent Croydon Citizens Assembly which will help shape decision-making for the borough on key issues and devolve decisions to the neighbourhood level to ensure residents are at the table

Review the Local Plan with residents, ensure genuine listening on development and pilot devolution of planning decisions so that people really shape planning, balancing listening with building the homes we need

Establish Croydon Cares – a service that connects old and young to combat social isolation and support mental health, ensuring our communities are connected 

Create housing co-ops to enable people to take charge of housing contracts and ensure the neglect of tenants at Regina Road never happens again 

Introduce a Teach Croydon offer that can attract the best teachers to Croydon to support the future success of our young people and our town as the best place to grow up

Create a Croydon Nature Service bringing the borough’s young people together and providing training and skills in restoring nature and contributing to the rejuvenation of Croydon’s parks and green spaces 

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