The system is broken…only a #peoplesplan where we take charge can fix it!

Croydon and Sutton should be fantastic places for everybody to live but right now we’re not in charge. A Tory government implementing austerity in collusion with big businesses and developers are in charge. Our high streets are in decline, our young people are being killed on the streets, our work is increasingly insecure, and the government is ruthlessly attacking our people with Universal Credit. And of course we are bracing ourselves for the unknown of Brexit.

The result? All of us are losing and it’s bad for our communities. It’s hard to put food on the table, hard to find a good job, hard to rent a place that’s secure, and hard to get on the housing ladder. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

The solution? To put power into people’s hands instead of letting them become victims. With greater democracy and greater ownership of our economy and our land – we the people of Croydon and Sutton – can be in charge of our future, with good jobs and housing costs linked to our incomes, not developers’ profits.

After we’ve won in 2020, working with a Labour Mayor and Labour Government, by 2024 we will implement a #peoplesplan and deliver….

Good jobs

  • Establish REAL Living Wage Zones in our town centres, focusing on the development of the Whitgift Centre in Croydon and St Nicholas Centre in Sutton to win 1000 Living Wage employers
  • Expand Croydon’s Good Employer Charter to Sutton, supporting employers to Pay Fair; Hire local; Buy local and implement equality and diversity best practice
  • Open two new apprenticeship academies – one in Croydon and one in Sutton – enabling our next generation win the high skilled, high paid jobs they deserve
  • Deliver a zero poverty, zero carbon industrial strategy focused on green technology, investment in low-carbon infrastructure and the establishment of a regional bank to create the green collar jobs we need

Homes for people, not profit

  • Support the most vulnerable access safe and secure housing with a Housing First approach to homelessness
  • Support the establishment of a renter’s union and a new renters’ protection agency and campaign for rent controls
  • Build new council housing as a priority and deliver 1000 of the 20,000 homes we need through community land trusts, co-ops and cohousing
  • All new housing developments to be 50% affordable and ensure that “affordable” means affordable for low income households who want to rent (40% of the open market), or those who want to buy (purchases linked to median average incomes)
  • No loss of either social housing or council housing during redevelopments
  • Live local purchase policy on all new homes, giving those who already live in our boroughs first refusal to buy, with further support underwriting mortgage offers when buying off plan  
  • A 10% tax on foreign investors purchasing property in London to support an end to our city as a developer’s playground and using the money raised to build more affordable homes.

Safe streets, especially for young people  

  • Support grass roots youth and community organisations work intensively with young people at risk of getting involved in serious youth violence by supporting them access funding, development and integration into local violence reduction networks
  • Enable our children and families to be resilient by providing access to:
    • a dedicated counsellor to support good mental health for young people and their families via their school, college or youth organisation
    • a relevant curriculum communicating the negative consequences of violent crime and showing positive paths to young people who have so much potential
  • Campaign to end unnecessary school exclusions which are putting our most vulnerable young people at risk and create a culture genuine inclusion
  • Safer streets for each of our neighbourhoods by networking together police, the council and community organisations to dismantle the drugs market and challenge the culture of impunity

A sustainable transport system and environment

  • Rail services brought into public ownership GTR Southern metro services brought into  TfL control
  • Extend the Overground to Sutton from West Croydon
  • Fair rail fares for Outer London
    • Oyster cap at about £8 for Zone 2-6 travel
    • The requirement to travel only twice a week to obtain the reduced off-peak cap to apply to any single off-peak journey
    • Fairer child fares on National Rail
    • For TfL rail to take part in National rail promotions such as Group Saveand 2 for 1 entry to London attractions.
    • To keep the One day bus and Tram pass for those that do not have an Oyster or contactless cards
  • Expand the tram – Croydon extension to Crystal Palace and Sutton. Sutton needs a tram not a bus way
  • Better bus services to Hospitals:
    • Direct services to Croydon University Hospital from Addiscombe, Woodside, Selhurst, South Norwood and Upper Norwood – at present you have to travel via central Croydon or Streatham
    • Improved services to St Helier from Sutton
    • Improved services from Sutton Town Centre to Royal Marsden Hospital
  • Improved Step free Access to the following stations in Croydon and Sutton.
    • Norwood Junction
    • West Croydon
    • Waddon
    • Reedham
    • Carshalton Beeches
    • Wallington – Step free Access to platforms exists but not to each platform from the booking office
  • Ultra Low Emissions Zones for Croydon and Sutton to tackle poor air quality and incentivise electric vehicle expansion. Delivered by charging polluting cars (over 75gCO2/Km) by introducing an emissions based parking charges with polluter pays principle
  • Create protected cycle lanes and highways, focusing on improved access to our town centres (e.g. Barclay Road in Croydon and Brighton Road in Sutton) and green spaces
  • Create green corridors building on the work of “Our Green Mile” to move to walking and cycling towns. Croydon and Sutton must be properly connected with an unbroken green link
  • Expand drinking fountains and campaign to end single use plastic products
  • Organise effective cross borough scrutiny of environmental contracts to hold council executives to account on recycling levels and incinerator emissions

High streets and culture that thrive

  • Investment plans to support diverse local high streets – an outer London town centre investment fund to support local places and their identities thrive
  • A new public art gallery in Croydon
  • A new Theatre in Sutton
  • Twin local cultural venues with central London ones to improve access to the arts

Decision making so we’re in charge  

  • More powers for the Mayor and Greater London Assembly. We need greater powers across the board to properly implement a programme of municipal socialism and a radical local economics. Tax raising, skills and training, rail services, criminal justice and health services. The London Assembly itself should also be given more chance to influence and shape policy directly.
  • A Deputy Mayor for Outer London – a new political role to ensure the Mayor properly focuses on transforming Croydon and Sutton and the other outer edges of our city.
  • Quarterly People’s Assemblies in Croydon and Sutton to ensure we hold The Mayor, Deputy Mayors and other powerful decision makers that influence our lives to account and keep working to devolve powers to local communities
  • Age friendly policy making and planning to support older people as our population ages
  • Democratic community planning meetings triggered if 50 people object to a development, supporting people become YIMBY’s not NIMBY’s by being more involved and shaping developments
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