We know air pollution is damaging our children’s lungs and lives.

I recently brought together a wide range of community activists from across Croydon to examine the Council’s Air Quality Action Plan and generate further ideas to reduce car use and move to sustainable forms of transport.

Check out the summary below and share your ideas for action too by emailing stuart.king@croydon.gov.ukand muhammed.ali@croydon.gov.uk – Croydon’s Cabinet Team for the Environment and Transport.

We learnt the council are focused on…

  • Cleaner transport: walking, cycling & low emission vehicles
  • Reducing the emissions of its own fleet
  • Reducing emissions from developments and buildings
  • Reducing deliveries to reduce emissions
  • Increasing public awareness to change behaviour
  • Local solutions such as parking controls outside schools

Top ideas put forward to reduce car use …

  • Creating car free streets
  • Charging polluting cars to enter Croydon
  • Pressuring the Westfield development to reduce car parking places

People want support to get on their bike…

  • Improved cycling infrastructure
  • Cycle super highways
  • A Croydon to Brighton cycle route

Communities see green infrastructure investment as key…

  • Rapid expansion of electric vehicle charging points
  • Expanding the tram across Croydon
  • Expanding green corridors with improved planting

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