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Will you join me in getting to the bottom of the financial crisis in Croydon, to look at the urgent action we need to take to clean it up?

Politics today is suffering from truth decay (the diminishing role of facts and analysis). Will you support me to drill down, get to the bottom of the crisis and to stop the rot?  Support me to get hold of the facts, to ask the questions on your behalf and to be fully accountable? I accept responsibility as a member of the council and I apologise to you for any future adverse impact on you and your family.

I will be looking at my own role and what more I could have done to understand the necessary checks and balances that needed to have been in place to safeguard important decision-making processes. Over the next weeks and months more information will come out and I will be sending you an update. These are the key facts so far:

  • We have a budget deficit of £66 million
  • We have debt repayment costs of £43 million a year
  • We have £1.5 billion of debt which is the largest in London 
  • Initial savings of £17.7 million have been identified
  • A Croydon Renewal Plan due to be announced in December

I intend to find out how this will affect you personally. Send me your questions by email or mobile phone: 07950 658 865. Your views are valued and will be treated confidentially. I promise to do whatever I can to clean up this sorry mess. And please do hold me to that!

Thank you.


Labour Councillor, Bensham Manor Ward 

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