First Step Croydon’s Goals:

1)      To scope and develop a high quality education to employment brokerage and employability support service as part of the council’s proposed job brokerage.

2)      To create a “youth leadership team” to monitor future service developments

3)      To work with Croydon Council to further improve provision of high quality work experience for the town’s young people

4)     For the First Step Croydon campaign to work with Croydon Council to:

  • Further develop and define “Croydon’s Work Readiness Commitment”
  • Define and award “Recognition” of being work ready
  • Plan an “Annual celebration” of best practice awards event  

Over the last year I’ve worked with young leaders in our local schools, colleges and faith organisations to develop the #FirstStepCroydon campaign which has brought together student, education and business leaders in Croydon to campaign for high quality work experience -ensuring our young people are ready for employment. Working with the Leader of the Council, Cllr Tony Newman we ensured that Croydon Council offered over  60 placements and campaigned to ensure many other employers followed suit. As well as campaigning for improved work experience, I’ve supported student and education leaders to develop employability solutions for the long term and we now have four key goals to ensure progress. 

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