How can we build a thriving Britain?

To build a Britain that genuinely thrives I believe we need to build a stronger and fairer society. I believe we’ve got to:

1)      Tackle the root causes of division and injustice – low wages; a lack of affordable housing; a divided education system; a lack of genuine opportunities for many of our young; isolated and ignored older people; an unaccountable elite. Key steps to overcome these problems will include:

·         Ensuring “good work” for all

·         A bold plan to deliver secure and affordable housing for all

·         Doing our politics differently – challenging inequalities through taking action


2)      Develop an economy everyone has a stake in – we’ve got to see greater control of economy by us all through genuine worker representation on our board; new forms of ownership – co-ops and mutual companies; communities seeing the benefits of their labour through capital staying local –credit unions; regional banks; an investment and industrial strategy that creates jobs; state and business investment in high quality vocational career routes.


3)      Build strong communities – we’ve got to use the power of the state to strengthen civil society.  For example, let’s see schools as genuine community hubs and place a community organiser in every school. This also means doing our politics differently –  we’ve got to move power away from a narrow elite to our local communities and give people control over their lives, enabling them to control budgets and run a range of local services.


4)     Ensure everyone gets access to high quality public services – especially for our young and old. With many of our public services under attack either being privatised or ideologically cut I believe it’s time we developed a new public service covenant that’s proactively shaped and developed with you. Let’s develop a youth covenant, a care covenant to get explicit and clear about the level of service people can expect and the purpose of them. 


5)     Contribute to the wider world – I want to see us play a strong role in collaborating with nations internationally to:  hold big business to account; take a lead on addressing climate change by moving to a low carbon economy; ensure we contribute fairly to addressing the migration crisis; create a European Union that progresses our values and supports sustainable development across the rest of the world.

Croydon Green Recovery Plan #greenrecovery

A rapid and resilient economic recovery from the covid-19 crisis must be a green recovery. The organisations and Councillors below have collaborated to develop a Green Recovery Plan for Croydon. Let us know your reactions and join us to make it a...

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Croydon School Exclusion Data

Exclusions from Croydon schools, academies and free schools during 2015/16 There were 22 permanent exclusions from Croydon maintained schools, academies and free schools during the 2015/16 academic year giving a borough exclusion rate of 0.04%. This is a...

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A bold plan for housing

We all know that the lack of quality; affordable housing is the number one priority issue for our town. Croydon families who are doing the right thing, working hard, tell me it is simply impossible to get onto the housing ladder. Those in the private...

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What’s my vision of a powerful Labour movement?

For me, Labour is a place for people in or communities, unions and faith organisations to come together – to organise and to achieve change. We have common values and we work to build power in order to deliver services and to hold elites to account. At its...

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How can we innovate to overcome austerity?

Croydon councillors are working with NEF to develop new and innovative ideas for for service delivery in response to the challenges thrown up by the current lay of the local government landscape, as Councillor Jamie Audsley explains.As we start 2016, many...

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Let’s bring good work to Croydon

Croydon’s economy is growing but as we know it is too unequal and too divided. Yes, our town centre and many of our district centres are regenerating. But not everyone is benefiting. 25,000 people (27% of Croydon jobs), are still going home with...

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