A citizen inspection gets results!

Facing an increasingly poor quality service at our local leisure centre and a contractor who didn’t seem to care (this was Fusion, the Council’s previous contractor. The service moved from Fusion to Greenwich Leisure Limited in March 2017) it was time to up the pressure and take action.

Working with local residents and members of the leisure centre we started to inspect the service, log problems and publicly communicate the poor quality service. Armed with this evidence I then knocked on the door of Fusion’s HQ  in Southwark and gained a meeting with the Operations Director. The result of which was Fusion’s commitment to hold a public meeting at the gym to address the problems.

The meeting which followed was well attended and heard many frustrating and sad stories about the ongoing problems at the centre. This action did however, enable our anger to be channeled and solutions to the problems identified developed. As a result of the pressure at the meeting, Fusion’s Director of Operations committed to take personal responsibility to improve the service, develop a clear action plan and return within one month to report on progress. I also gained press coverage to ensure further pressure for improvements. Check out the press coverage from the action…



A month later we came together again and reviewed Fusion’s service improvement plan, raising a range of issues for Fusion to stay on top of to ensure the plan delivered. Generally the feedback was positive and members felt improvements had started to be properly implemented – result!

With members of the the leisure centre keen to continue quarterly meetings to review and improve the service, the new provider GLL has agreed to keep things going. My thanks to all involved, especially local resident Jeffrey Greaves who has taken a lead to hold GLL to account on its future relationship with members and residents.

After the action many people commented on the noticeable improvements. Here’s one example.

Cheryl Samuels – October 31, 2017

Thank you to those of you that helped improve thornton heath leisure centre.

I went to aqua aerobics last night and there were more lockers working, the majority of showers were working which is a big improvement from the last time I went 3 weeks ago. Im not sure why the air conditioning was on as it was freezing in the pool area.

Thank you – there’s certainly is power in numbers!

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