What keeps me awake at night? What angers me to the core? What do we really want to change in Croydon? These are the issues I’m taking action on. Further down the page, you’ll find what I’ve managed to change so far and what solutions we need next.


  • Affordable housing. Our young people are living in overcrowded bedrooms with no room to study, our families are being forced to share bedrooms because they can’t afford rising rents.
  • Living Wages. Twenty five percent of people working in Croydon earn less than a Living Wage. People are often doing stressful and dirty work living with constant financial pressures that cause huge damage to personal health and family life.
  • Quality work experiences. Many students tell me they are unable to find the experiences that will support them find good work. Too many of our young people are trapped in a vicious cycle of having no experience, meaning they can’t a job.
  • Taking pride in our streets. People who drop litter and think somebody else will pick that up. Companies who aren’t taking enough responsibility for their bit of the high street.
  • Ensuring our town gets the recognition it deserves. Too often Croydon is overlooked and knocked in the media.

So, you might ask, “well who is that somebody who is going to act?” That somebody is me and it is you. We have to talk about all these inequalities; we have to be real about what hurts us and keeps us awake at night. And then we do something about it. I’m focused on taking action, I aim to leave no stone unturned and I want to collaborate with others who are up for changing things in our borough. Here’s some of the things I’ve initiated, created and participated in my work to date.

Winning REAL Living Wages

We all know the damage that poverty wages cause.  We’ve all had experiences where we’ve seen their impact. Winning the REAL London Living Wage enables workers to win: a life without constant financial pressure; more time with their families; improved...

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Supporting our young to take their #FirstStep to a good job

First Step Croydon’s Goals: 1)      To scope and develop a high quality education to employment brokerage and employability support service as part of the council's proposed job brokerage. 2)      To create a “youth leadership team” to monitor future service...

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