We’ve got to take back control from IdVerde (formally called Quadron) who as Croydon’s park contractor have consistently failed us and their staff under a contract awarded by the previous Tory administration. These failures include poor pay and conditions for staff and failure to maintain our parks properly. Enough is enough! So, we’ll be taking action to:

  • Get people more involved and build the energy we’ll require to take control
  • Hold the current service to account and develop a performance plan we own and monitor 
  • Explore how we can deliver a better service locally – examples could include greater community involvement in our park planning through to devolution of budgets and services to our local area

There will no doubt be obstacles and challenges along the way. We’re confident however, that with the local leadership we’ve developed and with the support of our Cabinet Member for parks – Cllr Timothy Godfrey and the Director of park services we’ll be able to achieve real improvements.  Hope to see you get involved in the action! Together let’s hold IdVerde’s feet to the fire and reclaim control of our parks.

Please make contact to join Thornton Heath Community Park Action team – an alliance of local Cllrs , Friends of Thornton Heath Rec, Friends of Grangewood Park and Thornton Heath Community Action Team.

Thank you to everyone who attended on Saturday 10th June 2017 to progress work with our local parks.

Key notes follow and thank you to local leaders from each of our three parks – Thornton Heath Rec, Trumble and Grangewood Park and Tim (Cllr Godfrey) for driving work forward. All best wishes and look forward to the continued improvements that follow. Any questions, please be in touch – Verena Trend, Tom Lawrence (park officers supporting) and Cllr Godfrey, Cabinet Member for Parks Cc for questions if helpful.

Thornton Heath Parks Action Board -next meeting Autumn at Trumble Gds, to be chaired by local leaders and Cllr Godfrey, all Cllrs in TH area welcome. This is a quarterly meeting that brings together community leaders; Cllrs; council staff and contractor to:

o positively hold our parks (Thornton Heath Rec; Trumble Gds; Grangewood Park) to account

o co-ordinate activities across the parks

o identify local funding and resource to improve our parks – S106; Community Interest Levy; National Lottery Funding etc

o Develop a joint work programme between friends, council, contractor and explore what could in time be devolved to local level

Item one – monitoring/maintaining high standards

o Monitoring by Friends groups will progress building on the attached example with next steps:

o Form needs to build in play equipment/ facilities

o Form needs to be created for TH Rec and Trumble Gds

o Verena Trend and Tom Lawrence to take forward

Item two – activities

o Good collaboration is happening across the parks with activities being shared across social media and in local news outlets e.g. TH Chronicle

o Activities/events for other parks to be communicated in each park notice board, improving use of parks

Item three – quick wins

Trumble Gds

o Grass needs to be cut – Tom Lawrence to take forward

o Parade of Nations festival this summer – opportunity to recruit and build stronger team around the garden – THCAT team to attend

Thornton Heath ReC

o Hedge around bowling club height to be discussed and future approach to be agreed. Tom Lawrence to find out current contract requirements

o Lights on MUGA – hours of timer need re setting as on early in the morning, 4am. Verena Trend to investigate

o Engage football team leaders with aim of improving drinking/ waste left by football team. Jamie with local park leaders

o Zip wire – ensure this improvement is delivered. Bensham Manor Cllrs supported by Verena Trend

Grangewood Park

o Outskirts of park need improving/ this aspect of contract needs better monitoring. Tome Lawrence to investiagte

Item three – longer term improvements – to be built into parks master plan

Masterplans for Croydon parks are being developed across 5 test parks. For the Thornton Heath area work can begin in the autumn, involving local leaders and Cllrs. Cllr Godfrey to update and involve all at next parks action board meeting in the autumn

Trumble Gds

o Old park ranger building not used – has been raised with assets team to explore opportunities

o Fly tip issue in unused space

o ASB around old toilet block

o Bins provided but no facility for recycling

o Tennis court access: holes in fence; looks tatty; gate to old toilets locked so people make holes in fence to tennis courts

Thornton Heath Rec

o Bowling club and Friends of Rec collaborating- separate, more detailed plan has been agreed

o Flooding problem at entrance – checking if this has been fixed

o Lighting along path could be improved – checking who has responsibility

o Condition of children’s play areas is an issue – volunteer team to assist with maintenance

o Needs better maintenance generally – often lots of litter after weekends/ football session times

o No drinking zone – people assemble to drink in Winterbourne Road entrance – refuse accumulates – enforcement required.Fly tipping at Melfort Road entrance

Grangewood Park

o Future use of park lodge?

o Get rid of toilets?

o Outdoor Gym/ Play Proposal:

Last year £22,905 was secured by the Parks team for the Friends of Grangewood to use as match funding toward refurbishing the play area and installing outdoor gym equipment. The two IFG approvals are for £17,000 towards enhancing play facilities and £5,905 towards outdoor gym equipment. The S106 approval lasts for 12 months so the funding should be either spent or committed by May 2017. It is expected this deadline will need extending. In South Norwood, the Local Play Action Group have led this procurement process- this could be replicated in Grangewood? This would enable the group to independently drive the improvement of the play and active areas in the park

Additional information that could be built into masterplanning…

Future sources of funding

o S106; CIL; Council Grants;

Works outside of the formal contract

o Joint monitoring could identify works required in the parks that lies outside of the contract

o In such cases if potential funding streams can be identified it may be possible to support Friends to finance or action specific additional works to be carried out in partnership with the Council/ IdVerde

o Community Payback in the park – Friends groups would like to be involved in joint creation of the work programme

Devolution of the contract

o Devolving elements of the contract could be explored in future

o This could be explored in more depth at a future parks action board meeting

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