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Hi all,  
As some of you will know I was hoping to stand to become Labour’s London Assembly Member for our area, Croydon and Sutton. With the announcement by the Labour Party that the seat is an all women shortlist I’m really excited to be backing Rowenna Davis for the role.

Rowenna is a local teacher, has been playing a huge part in the campaign so far and has the drive to see outer boroughs like ours get the attention and power they deserve. If you’d like to learn more or get involved in Rowenna’s campaign you can contact her at and follow and . She is keen to hear from as many people as possible so please do get in touch.

Over the last few months it’s been such a huge joy and honour to meet so many people to discuss the issues we face and the action required to tackle them. I started to call the plan that we were developing a #peoplesplan. You can read more about it below. Do add your ideas too!

Let’s build a radical plan, a #peoplesplan to make Croydon and Sutton great places to live….
Croydon and Sutton are rapidly changing – our population is growing and house building is increasing. Our boroughs should be a fantastic place for everybody to live, but right now:
• A Tory government implementing austerity in collusion with big businesses and developers are in charge
• A secure home is beyond the reach of far too many 
• Young people are being killed on the streets
• Our work is increasingly insecure and the government is ruthlessly attacking our people with Universal Credit
• Our high streets are in decline
And of course we know the changes happening in our area sit within the big challenges facing society today: Brexit, the rise of the far right and a climate emergency.  
While Sadiq is leading important changes – new council housing, the Hopper Fair, introduction of the ULEZ – to name a few, with all that’s happening in outer London, in Croydon and Sutton, we need Sadiq to look outwards. Because for too long, outer London has been out of sight and out of mind. Sadiq’s second term needs to prioritise outer London and our boroughs. 
To get Sadiq to take us seriously I believe we need to build a grassroots campaign to put local people back in charge and change things for the better – a #peoplesplan. 

From my listening we need a #peoplesplan that can bring local people together around 5 main goals:
1. Good jobs  
2. Homes for people, not profit
3. Safe streets, especially for young people  
4. Affordable transport that improves the environment
5. High streets and culture that thrive

To meet these goals and ensure our boroughs gain the investment and infrastructure they really need we’ll also campaign to deliver:
• More powers for the Mayor and Greater London Assembly.
• A Deputy Mayor for Outer London 
• Quarterly People’s Assemblies in Croydon and Sutton

What do you think? Do you think local people can make Croydon and Sutton a better place to live? If so join our effort to ensure we get our Labour candidate into City Hall. 
Connect with me by email or follow my work on Twitter @JamieAudsley

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