For me, Labour is a place for people in or communities, unions and faith organisations to come together – to organise and to achieve change. We have common values and we work to build power in order to deliver services and to hold elites to account. At its heart I want to see a Labour politics that is based on strong relationships, support for each other and improving the places we live. In my mind a Labour win of the course means winning elections but it also means a lot more – the development of our communities and the emergence of new leaders.

So what can I do to build this thriving movement? What can you do? What I believe I can do is start by taking action to devolve power to the local level and enable everyone to get involved in making change happen through their own campaigns. We need to recruit talented organisers and mentor our leaders for the next generation. I believe you can do the same and that by putting our values in action, doing the hard work together; we can build a party where we all get to decide our direction. Let me know your thoughts on what makes will make a powerful Labour movement.

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