We all know the damage that poverty wages cause.  We’ve all had experiences where we’ve seen their impact. Winning the REAL London Living Wage enables workers to win: a life without constant financial pressure; more time with their families; improved health and well-being and of course greater respect at work. Fundamentally it’s a campaign for worker power. 

Currently our town only has 9 accredited Living Wage Employers 

Sadly our town, like much of Britain, is a town whose business model is all too often based on poverty pay. 25% of those working in Croydon earn less than the London Living Wage. If our town is to be a town that genuinely works for everyone, it’s going to be our responsibility, all our responsibilities to act to change this.

Organising together to win the REAL Living Wage 

During the last year I’ve worked to support the spread of the Living Wage across Croydon and use the power of the Council to make this happen faster. During Living Wage Week I organised a learning session on winning the London Living Wage for our town with Croydon Citizens . The session was an open and collaborative one bringing community leaders, employers and politicians together. In 2016 I’m looking forward to continuing the fight for the Living Wage with you.

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